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Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine


Machine Features of Rotary Vacuum Filling and Sealing Machine
1. Using high techonlogy such as a micro computer display and a graphic touch panel, the machine can be easily performed operation and maintenance
2. Filling machine rotates intermittently to fill the product easily and vacuum machine rotates continuously to enable somooth runing,it means high performance and high durability.
3. All grippers width of filling machine can be adjusted at once by a motor but all grippers in the vacuum chambers are no need to adjust.Main sections are made of stainless steel for excellent durability and hygiene.
4. Water washable all of filling zone and vacuum chambers
5. Weighing machine and liquid&paste doser can be combined with this machine Status in the vacuum chamber can be checked through the transparent plastic vacuum shell lids.

Specification of Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine
Model MR8-200RZK
Size of Bag W:55-210mm L:100-300mm
Package Accuracy Error ≤±1%
Filling Scope 5-1000g
Speed 25-60 Bags/min ( the speed depends on the type of products and packaging material used)
Total Power 5kw
Application Candy, biscuit, peanut, cookies, pistachio, crystal candy, brown sugar, daily commodities, cooked food, pickles, puffed food etc.

Application of Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine
Vacuum packing machines are used to evacuate the air around perishable goods such as food products like pickles, dried bean curd, chicken feet, fried fish and so on whose extension of shelf life is desired.
It can do automatically measurement, filling, vacuum, sealing and products output.

Product Details

Payment: 30% deposit, and the 70% balance should be reached us before shipment.
Delivery time: 60 days after deposit reached.
Warranty: one-year guarantee, defective spare parts can be replaced for free charge by post.

Installation and Technical support
a) Instruct installation and running test fee: The buyer shall provide the accommodation, meal, local traffic, international round trip plane ticket and cover person insurance for installation technical send by the seller, the service engineer fee is free for first day and it will be USD100/person/day from 2nd day.
b) Technicians number: 1 person
c) Installation time : about 7 working days
d) If you need we will offer training service, for 4 or 5 days usually.

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